Christian life - How is our relationship towards others?

Here are ten Christian life books to evaluate our interpersonal relationship in the different facets of life.

Vie Chrétienne - Les conflits une école de l'amour

Conflicts a school of love This book provides avenues for personal reflection and some concrete community actions. Buy

Vie Chrétienne - Recompense de l'honneur

Reward of Honor The author shows the importance given by Scripture to how we should respect and treat others. It teaches how to first show honor to our Creator, but also to our family members and those around us. Buy

Vie Chrétienne - Penser pour changer

Thinking to Change This remarkable and inspiring book by John C. Maxwell is based on a simple premise: to succeed in life, you must first succeed in thinking well. But is it really possible for us to acquire new mental habits? THINKING TO CHANGE answers this question with a resounding “yes” Buy Now

Vie Chrétienne - Le pardon

Forgiveness This is important to you. It's important for others. It is especially important for God. Seventy times seven times... Forgive each other... But the question of forgiveness should not be taken lightly. God takes it very seriously... so seriously that he has left us no choice in the matter. And we must obey his Word Buy Now

Vie Chrétienne - Non à l'inquiètude

No to Worry This book invites us to examine the Scriptures for comfort and victory. God cares about our anxieties and offers us the resources to calmly overcome them. When anxiety arises, how to find the “peace that surpasses all understanding” Buy

Vie Chrétienne - Mes finances, ses ressources

My finances, his resources This Quebec author merges in this book his vast business experience with biblical truths. How is your spiritual journey going? What is the state of your financial situation? Come as you are and learn to identify, use and control the factors that drive you to spend. Buy

Vie Chrétienne - Les relations de travail

Work Relations Norman Wright presents effective communication techniques to establish harmonious relationships with the different types of people who populate the world of work. It's about practicing listening, speaking and thinking skills until you find a common language. Buy

Vie Chrétienne - Les relations le modèle de Jésus

Relationships, the model of Jesus This book offers keys that will allow us to maintain relationships that are as satisfying as they are authentic. Based on the principles of communication implemented by Jesus, it presents itself as a practical guide for improving all our relationships: spouses, parents, friends, neighbors, work colleagues... Buy

Vie Chrétienne - Votre langue a-t-elle besoin de guérison?

Does your tongue need healing? Since death and life are in the power of the tongue, it is imperative to know how it can be healed. Buy

Une question de priorités

A question of priorities This study of the Sermon on the Mount presents the new path traced by Christ, made of spiritual authenticity and which has nothing to do with religion or the spirit of the century. It intends to fight against hypocrisy and the gap between words and actions, often criticized by Christians, thus restoring all its attractiveness to the Church. Buy

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