Risen: the aftermath of the resurrection through the eyes of a non-believer

Risen When the man known as Yeshua disappears from the tomb, Pontius Pilate orders the powerful Roman centurion Clavius ​​to quickly locate the missing body. Follow the story of the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection through the eyes of a non-believer. Will these incredible discoveries lead them to faith? Risen A perfect interpretation In The Resurrection of Christ, Joseph Fiennes plays a Roman military tribune, Clavius, responsible for investigating the mystery of the disappearance of Jesus' body after the crucifixion. A look back at impeccable acting. An experienced actor Joseph Finnes is not in his first role: Shakespeare in Love revealed him to the general public, then Hercules and Stalingrad. In The Resurrection of Christ, Joseph Finnes clearly took his role very seriously: "I went to Rome to study the postures of Roman soldiers, their gestures, to better understand how they thought as individuals, and as units of fight. It fascinated me to learn how precise the techniques and tactics of Roman warfare were. Their fighting style was spare, brayingly orchestrated and efficient. They fought shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield. There was a surgical precision that fits well with the sharp mind of my character. » A real police investigation To better understand his character of Clavius, the actor also spent time talking with a real police officer, reports Allociné, and this is felt very well on the screen: “I found how to approach the character by spending long hours with a police officer discussing what it's like to conduct an interrogation - the process, what happens, what it feels like... Even if The Resurrection of Christ is a story biblical, I wanted to approach things pragmatically, to anchor Clavius ​​in reality, because I really saw the film as a police investigation worthy of a film noir.” In search of truth Finally, Joseph Finnes perfectly embodies the modern man in search of truth, a priori rationalist – not to say Cartesian, Descartes not existing at the time! -, but attentive to all hypotheses… even the craziest! “Was Christ resurrected or not? » will be his obsession until the end. Due to his mission entrusted by Pontius Pilate, he will take on the role of an inquisitor, but in a sort of "inverted" way: it is he who pursues true Christians in Jerusalem, a bit like Saul did before converting on the road to Damascus. We can, however, specify that this extraordinary investigator, cut out for this role, is not Machiavellian either and that he will not torture the Christians he questions, as many Romans did in the first years of Christianity, often until the death of the latter, thus paying the price of blood to bear witness to the truth.

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