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What, ultimately, is Christianity?

What, ultimately, is Christianity? Many ask this question, convinced that it is a good religion, but which lacks intellectual rigor. In this book, John Stott examines the claims that form the foundations of Christianity. It presents the Christian faith in a rigorous manner based on the person and work of Jesus Christ.
John Stott (1921-2011) was a well-known evangelical Anglican theologian. He wrote more than forty works, and his influence on the Christian Church has been considerable throughout the world. He notably played a major role during the International Congress for World Evangelization (ICWEP) held in Lausanne in 1974. He was the chief architect of the Lausanne Declaration , which became a historic document for evangelical Christians.
Contents :
  • Preface
  1. How to search?
Part 1: The person of Christ
  1. Christ's affirmations
  2. The personality of Christ
  3. The Resurrection of Christ
Part 2: Man's Distress
  1. The reality and nature of sin
  2. The consequences of sin
Part 3: The work of Christ
  1. The death of Christ
  2. The salvation of Christ
Part 4: The man's response
  1. Calculate the price
  2. A decision to make
  3. Be a Christian
  • Study Questions