For better preparation for marriage

Wedding preparation is strongly associated with details like: the date, the cake, the dress, the guests, the hairstyle, the photos, etc. These books, inspired by many years of marriage preparation classes and enrichment seminars, provide solid information on how you and your partner can make your marriage what it should be. You will discover the role that Jesus Christ plays in marriage, and you will find the principles and strength necessary for a lasting union.
Before Saying Yes - preparation for marriage Before Saying Yes Would you like to have a happy and successful marriage? Do you want to know better the dreams and goals of your loved ones regarding your union? Before You Say Yes gives you the perfect opportunity to gain insight into your future partner's expectations and provides proven principles for establishing a satisfying, lifelong partnership. Buy
Couple and accomplices - preparation for marriage Couple and accomplices Gary Chapman shows that these two ingredients, well balanced, are essential for the couple to be happy. Surprising and original, it returns to the concept of alliance developed by the biblical authors to present all its relevance in terms of commitment between spouses. Very practical, he then explains the beneficial consequences in all areas of life as a couple: sexual intimacy, but also intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social. Buy
What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know - Marriage Preparation What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know Whether you're in a good marriage or not, What Every Wife Wants Her Husband to Know will help you communicate more positively with your husband. Positive statements made in public or in private will assure him that he is important to you and that you appreciate him. This will encourage him to do even better at home, at work and in society. Buy
What I wish I knew before getting married - marriage preparation What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married Whether you're single or considering marriage, this book will help you think about different questions that are worth asking yourself beforehand. And for those who have already said “yes”, it will be a good opportunity to “take stock”! Buy
Living as an intercultural couple - preparation for marriage Living as an intercultural couple Illustrated by numerous testimonials, this book offers practical tips that will help intercultural couples build a solid relationship marked by mutual understanding. Questions at the end of each chapter will allow couples, and those preparing them for marriage, to honestly discuss their relationship. Better armed, they will be able to face the differences and disagreements that will inevitably come their way. Buy
What did you say 'yes' to? - preparation for marriage What did you say 'yes' to? This book, enriched with practical examples, questions your place and your responsibility in the couple and in your relationship with God. It encourages you, in turmoil or not, to persevere in honoring God and setting an example for future generations. Many marriages would succeed if the spouses strengthened their vision: that of an alliance with the holy God, intended to manifest his glory. Buy