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Paul, apostle of Christ, his faith defied an Empire.

Wrongly imprisoned for the fire of Rome, Paul is joined in his dungeon by his disciple Luke. At the risk of his life, the evangelist writes down the life of the courageous apostle, under the suspicious gaze of the officer who runs the prison.
This film is not a retelling of the book of Acts and Paul's many exploits. The film shows us when Paul reaches the end of his life and passes the torch to the next generation of Christians, as they all struggle with the difficulty of following God in the midst of a cruel world. The film succeeds in representing the suffering of persecuted Christians, and especially Paul's struggle with lingering guilt over his role in this persecution. The acting is strong across the board, and the production design and costumes are very authentic. Most importantly, the drama is maintained throughout, and there are deep spiritual ideas to consider.