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We are a missionary organization

CLC, a missionary organization

The CLC is a missionary organization present in around fifty countries around the world, particularly in Africa. There, we are present mainly in West Africa, namely in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Liberia and in East Africa in Kenya and Mozambique. There are therefore many areas where the CLC could maintain bookstores. But, as you can imagine, the challenge is immense. The needs are also greater than we can believe. During my last visit to Benin, I provided a training seminar for pastors and other church leaders. I always insist on giving these lessons in the regions, where it is rare, if ever, for teachers to go. I took the opportunity to bring some study bibles. Here is the short testimony of a young pastor to whom I gave one of them: “…This Bible is an eternal heritage to me. Since I got this Bible, my preaching has changed and I have testimonies from the faithful and I have new souls saved. You should know that the price of a study Bible is equivalent to the monthly salary of an average person! But also, as we say 'What is the price of a soul?' The task of bringing healthy literature to Africa is immense and the needs even greater. The CLC contributes to this within its means. Please pray for the CLC missions in Africa and for all these other countries where we could establish works. CLC, a missionary organization