Martin Luther 500 years later and the relevance of his message today

Martin Luther the monk and the Gospel 1517-2017 - The relevance of his message today

Martin Luther remains today, 500 years after the Reformation, a significant figure who still influences the religious and social thought of our societies.

Martin Luther 500 years later and the relevance of his message today Sola Sciptura, sola gratia, sola fide At a time when we are observing a certain de-Christianization, where the Christian West is Christian in name only, the anniversary of the Reformation initiated by Martin Luther five hundred years ago is undoubtedly an exceptional occasion. to take stock and perhaps the opportunity of a return to the God of Jesus Christ. The relevance of Luther's revelation and message is more relevant than ever. Luther, the man of God who reveals himself, Luther, the man of the Book, Luther, the man of faith, Luther, the man of grace alone, Luther, the man of salvation in Christ alone and Luther , the man of moral awakening. Let us listen to the monk, the believer who, tired of the shackles of the religious system, discovers the liberation of the spirit and the grace in the Gospel that saves. A word moves him and illuminates his life: “The righteous will live by faith. » Let's discover the man whose message will revolutionize the world, proposing access to reading, education and culture for all, regardless of gender or skin color. Through the place it gave back to the Bible, the Reformation undoubtedly contributed to emancipating people and giving freedom to the oppressed. His message, far from being outdated, is more relevant than ever. It is revolutionary! This is what the author, Claude Martinaud, historian and speaker specializing in Luther, presents with originality. A different approach from this great reformer. A refreshing look at the biblical message. Claude Martinaud is an associate professor, doctor, university teacher, president of the SHPMM (Society for the History of Protestantism in the Midi Méditerranéen). She is also a speaker and has written numerous articles published in specialized journals as well as a book: The Christian Adventure – A Little History of Christianity . Contents :
  • Preface
  • Foreword
  1. Luther's "times"
  2. Luther's journey
  3. A conversion and its consequences
  4. A founding text The commentary on the epistle to the Romans – 1515-1516 “Only faith, only grace”
  5. A political-media affair The Indulgences affair and its immediate consequences
  6. “The Luther Affair” A political-theological-judicial imbroglio or how a theological problem unleashes passions
  7. The Luther trial: a singular event
  8. The great theological writings
  9. Lights and shadows and their consequences
  10. Other consequences of the Lutheran reformation
  • Some chronological benchmarks
  • Contents