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Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage according to the Bible

This is a book that many pastors, counselors, and theologians consider to be the most biblical and helpful on the subject of marriage and divorce issues. If the church is to use the Bible to decide whether divorce is legitimate in certain cases and whether divorced people have the right to remarry with the approval and blessing of God's people, then the Bible must be the subject of 'a study without bias. The author examines significant passages from both the Old and New Testaments so that his readers can reflect on the many problems and interpretations that arise when one attempts to take a categorical biblical position. The result is that readers come to see more clearly and more firmly accept the truth of Scripture. This book succeeds in achieving the goal that the author had set for himself: "A complete, lucid, faithful study, written in a readable and practical manner..." This work is a valuable source for the pastor, counselor and leader church, as well as for all others who strive to understand and apply biblical principles to the problems of divorce and remarriage.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage according to the Bible



I work regularly with pastors for 14 years. I know most of the problems they face. And I know that what is boldly written in their calendar of areas for study (where thorny issues abound!) is this vast territory of divorce and remarriage. Generally speaking, pastors have no idea how to answer these thorny questions that they face week after week. In this I am not thinking of liberal pastors, but of conservatives - those men who firmly believe in the Word of God and preach it! We have neglected this whole area for so long, indiscriminately accepting local or denominational traditions, most of which skirt many of the most crucial issues, to the point where we are completely afloat. Seminars have often relegated "such practical matters" to the background, citing them only incidentally - if they are mentioned at all. This is how students join churches, blissfully unaware of the confusion by which families manage to distort a marriage, and ill-prepared to deal with it constructively...
Jay Adams