The extraordinary story of Easter

Easter is the most important holiday in Christianity. It commemorates the Last Supper, the Passion and the Resurrection of Christ, events whose synoptic gospels place the unfolding during the Jewish Passover festivities in Jerusalem.

More than a tradition, this time must make us meet Jesus and understand his story. This selection of books is just an example of the entire Easter collection to be found in our online store.
Meeting Jesus - 7 practical lessons from the Bible for people seeking. Meeting Jesus - 7 practical lessons from the Bible for people seeking. When people encounter Jesus, surprising things happen. In the biblical accounts of these “seven practical lessons,” we witness Jesus’ encounter with a high-ranking soldier and that with a destitute widow. We see Jesus and the relationships he establishes with a most pious religious leader and a repentant prostitute. We listen to their conversations and realize that meeting Jesus surprises and changes lives. Buy
A Moment With Jesus A Moment With Jesus This bestseller (more than 8 million copies sold) aims to enable you, too, to listen to God. It is a well-written, encouraging and invigorating book of daily meditations. Buy
Meeting with Jesus Meeting with Jesus “Jesus addresses the great universal questions, those relating to the meaning of life: 'What is the purpose of the world? What's wrong with it? What could improve it (if anything), and how? How to contribute to a better world? Where to look for the answers, to begin with?' These are the big questions that everyone should be asking themselves and that honest skeptics are especially keen to explore. " Buy
Hidden power of the blood of Jesus Hidden Power of the Blood of Jesus When we forget the power of the blood, we forget the power of what makes us who we are. Many Christians have never had the revelation of the great classical truths on which the Church of Jesus Christ is based. Among these forgotten truths is the purpose and power of the blood of Jesus. Few of us have experienced the reality of these words in our daily lives. Buy
The murder of Jesus The Murder of Jesus In his new work. The Murder of Jesus, renowned author and Bible teacher John MacArthur takes a fresh look at the murder of Jesus, to examine the drama of "the cross in all its atrocity and majestic glory." By reconstructing the story from the perspective of the participants, MacArthur invites the reader to relive the most incredible injustice in human history, and the unparalleled triumph of God's sovereignty. Buy
Was Jesus really resurrected? Was Jesus really resurrected? The credibility of the Bible and the Christian faith depends on the answer to a simple and precise question: Did Jesus Christ come back to life after dying and being buried? Everything revolves around this answer, whether it is the integrity of Jesus, the reality of his assertions, or the relevance of his person and his work for man today. Buy
Jesus (1979) - DVD This moving account of the life of Jesus, titled from the Gospel of Luke, offers us a more authentic portrait of one of the most influential and captivating characters in the entire history of humanity, Jesus of Nazareth. Buy
In the intimacy of Jesus Into the Intimacy of Jesus The poignant chapters of Jesus' last moments with the disciples before the cross allow us to enter the heart of the Savior in a special way. The author shows with great sensitivity how much Jesus controls all things and, above all, how precious his people are to him. A special encouragement for an intimate and conscious relationship with the Savior. Buy
This Jesus that I didn't know This Jesus I didn't know This honest book will help us discover a Jesus who is ultimately very different from the character with the sugary smile of all the cultural clichés. We discover a complex man, both disturbing and attractive, who wants to radically transform the lives of those he touches. Buy
The extraordinary story of Easter The extraordinary story of Easter Jesus is arrested on the Mount of Olives and condemned to death by Pilate. He is nailed to a cross on Golgotha ​​and he dies. On Sunday morning, his tomb is empty... The extraordinary story of Easter appeared in the children's Bible Couleurs de Bible. This edition includes additional illustrations. This album contains a DVD with an animated film around Buy