Theology for toddlers

Everything I Should Know About God, Theology for Toddlers.

this book was designed to be read to the child by his father or mother. What does the Bible say about God? Why did He create the world, animals and men? What is prayer for? Why is it important to be part of a church? Kenneth Taylor offers theology accessible to young people. He explains to them, in simple words, everything that God has done, why Jesus came to earth, how the Holy Spirit helps us daily, and much more. It's up to you to pass on to your child the joy of knowing God and living with him. It's the best gift you could give him!

Everything I Should Know About God - Theology for Toddlers


A little word to parents

"The purpose of this colorful book is to teach little ones what they should know about God. Knowing God is the beginning of all wisdom, I truly believe that. And I also believe that children who are taught about God at a very young age will be positively impacted throughout their lives. I have wanted to write such a book for a long time, and today I am convinced that it is the most important book that God has given me to write. Children easily integrate what they are exposed to very early in life. Whether it's through television or the internet, or through life-transforming biblical truths like those presented in this book. This work goes further than a book of Bible stories, which also must have an important place in a child's life. This book is a first book to talk to children about eternity with God, about Jesus in heaven with his Father and the reason why he came to die on earth. This book tells children that Jesus has gone back to heaven to his Father, but that he will soon return. The great teachings of the Bible about God are presented in this book, briefly and very simply. "
Kenneth Taylor, author of the book

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