Creation rediscovered, a biblical vision of the world.

Creation found. The Biblical Foundations of a Reforming Worldview. There is considerable pressure on Christians to restrict the authority they give to Scripture to the realms of the Church, theology, and private morality. This pressure is itself the product of a secular worldview, and it must be combatted by Christians through Scripture.

In Creation Found , Albert Wolters clearly articulates the content of a biblical worldview and its meaning for our lives. He appeals to believers to participate in the redemption of creation in Christ. According to Alex Farley, professor of apologetics, Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec, Albert Wolters skillfully traces the contours of the Christian worldview in a way that cannot leave the reader indifferent to his cultural responsibilities as a creature of God. He hopes that this book will help to reform the thinking of many of Jesus' disciples, as was the case with his thinking. For his part, William Edgar, professor of apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary, believes that the book Creation Found is fundamental, because it highlights the biblical foundations of a Christian worldview. It suggests that its author is uniquely qualified to explain how the theme of creation-fall-redemption is the cornerstone on which our faith and our lives rest.

According to Yannick Imbert, professor of apologetics and church history, Jean Calvin Faculty, this summary of the biblical vision of creation, fall and redemption is one of the best current presentations on the subject. This work will encourage every Christian to fully live their faith in the world that God created, and which he is leading to its glorious restoration.

Albert M. Wolters - Creation Found, A Biblical Worldview
Albert M. Wolters is professor emeritus of biblical and worldview studies at Redeemer University College. He is a specialist in the Old Testament, lexicography, hermeneutics and worldview.