The Bible explained in fluent French

The Bible Explained is an open door to the essential with a dynamic translation, 4000 explanatory notes, a general introduction to the Bible and an introduction to each of the books; a chronological table and color maps.

An essential book for understanding our civilization

Readers of the Bible, in all their diversity, were able to see that this incomparable monument did not easily yield its riches. The Bible Explained Where to start? How to understand ancient texts, often moving, sometimes confusing? What meanings do they carry today, and what can be their contribution to our present? The Bible Explained answers these essential questions. It offers keys to understanding which make it a reference work.
  • Its translation, into contemporary French, makes it particularly clear and accessible.
  • Its original explanations, accessible to all, respect the spirit of the authors of the Bible.
    • They place the texts in their historical and religious perspective,
    • They illuminate the central message.
    • They invite reflection on the topicality of these writings,
    • They underline its spiritual depth.
  • Its user-friendly two-color presentation facilitates simultaneous reading of the biblical text and the corresponding explanations.
An international and interfaith team of eighty biblical scholars worked to accompany the reader throughout his journey, in the well-known passages and in those that are less so. The Explained Bible is careful not to dictate a doctrine or a morality; on the contrary, it gives voice to this universal text. Everyone can therefore freely set out to discover what is essential.

Bible in Application


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