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The Deciphered Bible: The 4th edition completely revised and expanded

The Deciphered Bible has been of great benefit to many millions of people over the past 25 years. This fourth edition is the result of a new revision of the text. At the same time dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, work of introduction and presentation of each of the biblical books, The Decrypted Bible is the most complete and most updated edition of the moment on this monument that is the Bible. This work represents a considerable amount of research and knowledge. It constitutes a biblical manual for all. More than 800 pages to explain each chapter of the Bible, with analyses, syntheses, summaries, but also articles dealing with history, geography, archaeology, sociology, ethnology and even botany... to illuminate the biblical text, contextualize it and highlight it. The whole is written by eminent specialists in remarkably accessible language. With The Deciphered Bible, you easily enter the most extraordinary text there is and which presents itself as “the Word of God”. Your reading and your vision of the Bible will be totally transformed and stimulated, as much by the richness of the text as by the depth of its message. With its three million copies printed in 28 languages, The Decrypted Bible enjoys a remarkable reputation as a particularly useful and accessible manual. This is the book you must have after the Bible! This work includes:
  • 126 specialist articles on the composition and use of the Bible as well as on subjects of particular interest for the contemporary era.
  • 680 pages of biblical commentary, section by section, with explanatory notes on key words, as well as on difficulties of understanding and interpretation.
  • over 700 full-color photos and illustrations, to vividly depict the world of biblical characters and events.
  • 20 graphs and tables to provide precise visual information on the context of biblical stories.
  • 68 maps to locate the places and events mentioned throughout the pages of the Bible.
  • a complete index for rapid research of characters, places, events and key teachings of the Bible in general and The Decrypted Bible in particular.
In total, this work offers 816 pages full of information and insight. The presentation is engaging, exciting and an enjoyable read. The stimulating articles, from reliable sources, are written by people who have themselves discovered the riches of the Bible and who wish to share them.

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