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To Your Swords, Girls!

Here are ten books to strengthen the spiritual life of a Christian woman.
To Your Swords, Girls! To Your Swords, Girls! Women If there was ever a time when women should arm themselves, this is it. All over the world they are the targets of prejudice, sex trafficking, mistreatment and even the questioning of their gender. God created man and woman as complementary. In Swords, Girls!, Lisa Bevere explains that a spiritual enemy seeks to disarm women in all areas and harm God's creature. Buy
The true measure of a woman The true measure of a woman Women Very often, a woman measures herself and develops her own value according to standards set by those around her. Her self-esteem rises and falls with the whims of public opinion, to the extent that she allows others to exert control over what she thinks of herself. This often results in depression and other mental and physical disorders. Buy
Love God with all your mind Love God with all your mind Women Regardless of your situation and where you live, God knows everything you are going through and is with you. The more you know Him, the more peace, hope and encouragement you will have. Through these pages, Elizabeth George will help you manage every situation in your life, day after day, draw closer to God and become aware of his grace and love in your life! Buy
Beautiful in the eyes of God, Treasures of women Prov 31 Beautiful in the eyes of God, Treasures of women Prov 31 Women This book helps you invest each day with a strong spiritual dimension while rejoicing in the Lord and discovering how to make clear progress toward your personal goals, manage daily life more effectively, regain unlimited energy, apply the biblical principles to expand your relational circle, moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Buy
God-centered God-centered Women Our culture has set up as an ideal the perfect woman in all areas. As Christians, we do not escape the pressure either and many of us ask ourselves questions: can we really lead a rich spiritual life, a successful professional life and a fulfilled family life at the same time? Elisabeth George goes through the Bible and draws on her experience to help us reconcile all these lives. Very practical, it offers many tips and anecdotes so that we can set priorities. Buy
These lies we are made to believe These lies we are made to believe Women To discover the truth is to become free. Nancy Leigh DeMoos suggests discovering the lies that our society makes women believe and the truths that liberate us. Buy
Choose recognition Choose recognition Women “Recognition is not an option. It is vital. And it transforms us. I am convinced that a grateful heart, anchored in God's goodness and grace, will radically change the way you see things and respond to situations in all areas of your life. » Buy
woman's heart woman's heart Women Written for women and in two voices by a couple including John Eldredge, popular author of Indomitable, Treasures of the Heart and Sacred Romance. Between the dreams of youth and today, sometimes something precious is lost. This treasure is the precious feminine heart. Far from stereotypes about true femininity, this couple provides avenues for reflection that will help women find it. Buy
Becoming a woman who listens to God Becoming a woman who listens to God Women Do you long to hear God's voice, not as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but on a daily basis? Do you have a desire to see his fingerprints on the pages of your busy life? More than a “practical guide,” Becoming a Woman Listening to God offers a caring, amusing and tender look at recognizing in what surprising and unexpected ways our God reaches out to us through his love and presence. You will feel refreshed, comforted, and renewed as you commit to listening to the One who loves to speak to you. Buy
Become a fighting woman Become a fighting woman Women What harmony between personal projects and those that God has for us? This study framework will lead the reader towards a better appropriation of God's plans for her as a unique creature. We find in this work everything that made the author's first books successful: relevant reflections based on biblical references, constructive quotes from great Christian thinkers, hard-hitting questions that will help every woman renew her understanding of God and fighting for His life plans Buy