Are you ready to question your model of Church?

Think about what you are experiencing in your Church.

Is this more or less close to what the Bible says?

Are you satisfied?

In his book “Letters to the Church”, Francis Chan looks back on his own dreams and his own mistakes. He rethinks the Church while staying grounded in Scripture and shares the stories of ordinary people who God is using to change the world.

He says: “We have strayed so far from what God calls the Church. We are all aware of this. We know that what we are currently experiencing in our Churches is radically different from the Church as it is represented in Scripture. For decades, church leaders like me have lost sight of the intrinsic mystery of the Church. We have taught people to sit in the pews and become dependent on lesser things. It’s time for that to change.”

When Jesus returns, will he find us caring for his bride more than we care for our own lives? Letters to the Church is a reminder of how powerful and glorious the Church once was. Letters to the Church calls us to be, once again, the Church that God wants us to be.