To encourage our mothers

Being a mother is an adventure, beautiful, but also strewn with pitfalls. Here are ten books to encourage our mothers. View collection
Woman of God, practice piety. Woman of God, practice piety. For many, this idea alone inspires fear. It is not because we do not aspire to be disciplined physically, mentally, and spiritually. But the challenge seems so difficult to meet, or we are motivated by duty rather than desire. Furthermore, we all know that when it comes to our Christian walk, we must not fall into legalism and be limited to following a series of rules. There's a lot more to the Christian life, isn't there? Barbara Hughes responds with this encouragement: The true heart of spiritual discipline is a relationship with God. Buy
Bold women of God Among other things, you will find in this book three very specific subjects on your call as women of God: the question of your identity, submission and your role as caregiver to your spouse. But above all, what emerges mainly in his book is the importance of placing Christ at the center of your life. Buy
The Confident Mom The Confident Mom Coach, cheerleader, confidant, chef and chauffeur--the job description of a mom is as broad as the horizon. Perhaps this is why so many mothers deal with insecurity and uncertainty as they do their best to raise their children in a challenging and ever-changing world. If you've ever gone to bed disappointed with yourself, if you've ever felt like you weren't measuring up, or if you've ever wished there was a manual for motherhood, #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer has just the book for you. Buy
Twelve extraordinary women. Twelve extraordinary women. In Twelve Extraordinary Women , you'll learn more than just fascinating information about these women, but through their lives, you'll discover—perhaps for the first time—the indisputable timeline of God's redemptive work in history. These women were at the very heart of his plan, they were not incidental to it. And their wonderful stories are told in this book. Buy
When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter Affirming Her Identity and Dreams in Every Stage of Life. Filled with biblical instruction and personal stories that reveal what works and doesn't work when it comes to building the mother-daughter relationship. Every mom will find tremendous encouragement from this book. A wonderful resource for moms. Buy
Women of the Bible Women of the Bible This book focuses on 52 remarkable women in Scripture - women whose battles to live with faith and courage are no different from ours. Far from being cardboard figurines, they stimulate us as much by their failures as by their successes. Buy
Becoming a woman who listens to God Becoming a Woman Listening to God More than a “practical guide”, Becoming a Woman Listening to God offers a caring, amusing and tender look to recognize in what surprising and unexpected ways our God reaches out to us. by his love and his presence. You will feel refreshed, comforted, and renewed as you commit to listening to the One who loves to speak to you. Buy
The influence of a mother. A mother's influence. The relationship between a mother and her child is unique. The authors paint six typical portraits of mothers and show for each of them what maternal deficiencies may be encountered in the child and how he can try to overcome them. They suggest a psychological and biblical path to lasting healing and the establishment of a quality relationship. This encouraging book will help develop a new freedom, joy of life, and increased ability to give and receive love. It will also allow young mothers to avoid certain pitfalls in raising children. Buy
Christian and African woman. Christian and African woman. For a while now, we have really been keen to encourage African women or women of African origin, here and elsewhere. Encourage them to take their place. Take their place where they are, in the world, in the church. Take their place, not necessarily the one that men, culture, the constraints of life or anything else assign to them, but the one that God himself calls them to take. Many of us do not dare or do not do it for various reasons..." Through real-life stories and biblical meditations, the authors of this book address questions of integration in church and society, the weight expectations, motherhood, mixed marriage, the feeling of being a foreigner everywhere, identity, the weight of traditions, the dowry... All these questions facing Christian African women in our country are discussed here with authenticity . A beautiful tribute and precious resources for all everyday heroines! Buy
Women in the Church Women in the Church This is a current subject which arouses quite a bit of tension within churches. The author seeks to escape the labyrinth by referring first to God's creational plan, then to the place of women in the Old Testament, in the Gospels and in the early Church. Buy