To listen without judging is to love. Learn to support those around you.

To listen without judging is to love . It is possible to learn to support those around you. We listen all day long: to our family members, our friends, our professional relationships. We might think that there is nothing easier and more natural than listening. But, sometimes, listening becomes support. However, Corinne Nême-Peyron observes that when our interlocutor is suffering and has very heavy things to confide, we place a number of barriers so as not to hear them. She encourages us in this book to learn to listen with empathy to the end.

The author

Corinne Nême-Peyron is a psychoanalyst and Protestant theologian. She works as a psychoanalyst, particularly with children and couples. Corinne also gives conferences and provides listening training to volunteers. She is an educator, graduated in Protestant theology in Strasbourg, Geneva and Montpellier, former chaplain of the hospitals of the Reformed Church of France (today United Protestant Church).