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Discover the essential biblical truths

Discover the essentials of biblical truths presented in a faithful and consistent biblical light. There is a certain connection between our thinking and the behavior we will adopt in our personal life. Hence the need to think correctly in order to live truly. Many of our personal problems arise from the fact that we have erroneous ideas about God, about our past, our present or our future. This is a book that reviews the essentials of the Christian faith. It lays the foundations of fair thinking, capable of inducing a solid and coherent scale of values ​​and ethics. Concrete and practical, it is struck from the angle of sanctified common sense and presented in a faithful and consistent biblical light. This reference work aims to be ambitious: to put theology in the hands of everyone. No essential subject is forgotten: The person of God and his attributes, the inspiration and authority of the Bible, the creation, origin and consequences of sin, the person and work of Jesus Christ, the necessity of the new birth, the assurance of salvation, the basics of Christian life, spiritual combat, testimony, the Christian home, the Church (universal and local), the return of Jesus Christ, etc. Do you want to discover the essential truths of the Bible? Enjoy clear and concise chapters. Do you want to deepen your faith? Memorize the suggested verses and put them into practice with the end-of-chapter questions. Do you want to lead a think tank? Turn this book into a Bible study framework. To recognize deviations and share the Gospel. To understand what you believe in and strengthen the Church. William Clayton, of British origin, exercised for more than forty years, with his wife Dorothy, a varied ministry in French-speaking Belgium. After his theology studies at London Bible College, he worked as an evangelist, then pastor and lecturer at the Belgian Bible Institute. He has published six books, including When God Says “I Love You” .