Discover and develop your potential

Seizing our full potential means discovering a power that makes everything possible, but that we must learn to possess!


Have you ever asked yourself these questions? I believe that, as Christians, we all want to live a life of impact and leave a testimony that glorifies God, advances His Kingdom and rolls back the darkness. But what do we really do with the gifts, talents and abilities that God has placed in us? Have we fully grasped the call of our Lord?


From Latin : “Potens” / Power “Posse” / Make possible “Possedere” / Possess Whatever your age, this book is for you and its message is clear: you still have potential that the Lord wants to help you develop. God has not said his last word! Through this work, I wish to challenge every believer across the French-speaking world. An invitation that we could summarize in one sentence and which, I hope, will remain engraved in your soul: your calling calls you! Whether you are a student or in the job market, a worker, a businessman or woman, single, married, divorced, single parent, parent or grandparent, your call is calling you. There is a work, an accomplishment, an achievement, projects and exploits that only you, today, where you are, can accomplish.

Discover and develop your potential


Your call calls to you. Are you ready to answer it?

This call is not passive, it is active. It is not accomplished in the past or future, it is in the present. It is not only natural, it is supernatural as we will discover together in this book. Read an excerpt

Pastor Claude Houde is the lead pastor of Nouvelle Vie Church which serves over 4000 people each week. An international speaker, he has brought his message of hope to more than 35 countries. He is also the president of the Christian Association for the Francophonie and chairman of the board of directors of the Institute of Theology for the Francophonie.

Ben Aguila Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Neuroscience. He is passionate about communicating the biblical message who has been working at the Nouvelle Vie Church since 2013.