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The Bible Commentary of the Disciple of the Whole Bible

The disciple's biblical commentary on the entire Bible is written in language accessible to the greatest number of people. It aims to help the reader progress in their relationship with God. The author's experience and his ministry as a doctor-pastor shine through throughout the work. Commented with applications to our time and to the life of the reader. Numerous quotations from authors, English and French bibliographies, diagrams, etc. will make it a tool appreciated by elders, pastors, teachers and missionaries. He addresses controversial texts head-on in conservative exegesis, while presenting alternative interpretations, with affability and respect. Make personal and systematic study of the Bible a daily activity with this work: the useful and comprehensive explanations of difficult texts will encourage you to better master the inspired biblical text, with a view to putting it into practice.

Commentaire biblique du disciple de toute la bible


“This work will be of great value to young believers as well as to advanced Christians and teachers of the Word. William MacDonald does not avoid difficult passages which he handles with balance and competence. He has the gift of saying a lot in a few words. »
Jean-Paul Berney
“It is with deep gratitude that I welcome the publication, in French, of the Disciple's Biblical Commentary, by William MacDonald. This remarkable work testifies to the commentator's deep love for his Lord and His Word. <...> I highly recommend it. »
Maurice Decker
“Precious gift for the French-speaking world! A clear and balanced commentary that commits everyone to a systematic study of the Scriptures, to become a disciple of the Lord Jesus. The presentations wisely cover difficult topics, practical applications, relevant quotes, and make you love the BIBLE and its AUTHOR »
Vincent Bourrel
“A passage from the Bible seems obscure to you! You need to prepare a Bible study! Your Bible reading is drying up! This commentary on the entire Bible will open up to you the meaning of God's words, encourage you and edify you, even if the passage is difficult.
Emmanuel Bozzi
“This Commentary will respond well to the expectations of those who seek a convincing and warm explanation of the Old Testament, but also to the needs of those who want to discover its abundant practical and spiritual lessons. »
John Stauffacher