Louis Segond Bibles 1910

Louis Segond Bibles Louis Segond, born May 3, 1810 in Plainpalais (Switzerland) and died June 18, 1885 in Geneva, is a Protestant pastor and theologian who, at the request of the Company of Pastors of Geneva (today "Protestant Church of Geneva"), translated the Bible into French from the original Hebrew and Greek texts, the Segond translation.

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"Segond does not fall into literalism, he rather strives to produce a precise translation, in always very correct French. It is this great clarity in the expression which explains the success of Louis Segond's work. The Elder Testament was published in its entirety in 1874, after which Segond, according to the same principles, set about translating the New Testament which he published in 1880. The complete Bible containing the Old and New Testaments translated by Louis Segond appeared for the first time in Oxford in 1880. Few translations of the Bible have enjoyed such dazzling success as that of the Segond version: published simultaneously in Oxford, Paris, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Geneva, three hundred thousand copies were produced between 1880 and 1910 . Since that time and until today, the Segond version remains, by far, the most widespread and requested French version of the Bible." French Bible Society
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