Atlas of Biblical History

Constructed as a veritable narrative fresco that extends from Genesis to Revelation, this atlas places biblical events, including those of the intertestamental period, in their historical, geographical and cultural context by taking advantage of the latest reliable discoveries of historians and archaeologists. Atlas of Biblical History

The text is judiciously illustrated with 97 original maps, 20 plans of sites and battles, 7 panoramic reconstructions of towns and buildings, and more than 150 photographs of places, objects and sculptures. Atlas of Biblical History Atlas of Biblical History

It also takes stock in 14 double pages on particular subjects such as the peoples and languages ​​of the biblical world, the geography and agriculture of Canaan, the writing and appearance of the alphabet, manuscripts and their conservation in the ancient world, war and strongholds, Jerusalem at the time of Jesus or travels at the time of the Romans.

Hebrew-French interlinear Old Testament