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Pastoral Help: Serve the truth!

Pastoral Help. Five books to discover
Strive to present yourself before God as a man who has proven himself, as a worker who does not have to be ashamed of his work, because he correctly transmits the Word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:14 (Sower's Bible)
Adventure training volume 1 - Pastoral Assistance CLC Canada Adventure training volume 1 This is a three-year study cycle which is aimed at anyone wishing to structure scattered knowledge, deepen the major chapters of the Christian faith, and possibly better equip themselves with a view to a specific involvement in his Church or in a Christian work. Buy
How to preach - Pastoral Help CLC Canada How to preach In this book, Alfred Kuen gives us the fruit of half a century of preaching experience and his reading of several dozen homiletical treatises in French, German and English. Buy
How to prepare a biblical message - Aide Pastorale CLC Canada How to prepare a biblical message This is an extremely well done and interesting book. We first find an in-depth description of the three types of sermons that can be preached: the topical sermon, by subject; the textual sermon, based on a few verses; the sermon in expository form, explaining a longer passage of Scripture. The author carefully breaks down the mechanism of constructing a sermon. While advocating strict and detailed methods for the preparation of a message, he nevertheless shows that the essential condition is a deep dependence on the Spirit of God. Buy
Confessions of a Pastor - Pastoral Assistance CLC Canada Confessions of a Pastor Why do we spend so much time trying to please everyone and put so little effort into trying to please God? Pastor Craig Groeschel decided to stop posing for the gallery and start being honest. This radically changed his life. Yours may change as well. Buy
Exegetical errors - Pastoral Assistance CLC Canada Errors of Exegesis Errors of Exegesis presents itself as a practical and concise guide which makes us reflect on our way of approaching the biblical text. Don Carson uncovers several “sins” of interpretation and explains them with wisdom and clarity. The author teaches a true method of biblical study which is based on a grammatical, lexical, cultural, theological and historical analysis. Errors of Exegesis thus identifies the common errors into which exegetes of the Bible can fall. Ultimately, this book will allow everyone to strengthen their exegesis skills. Buy