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To our mothers with love

Being a mother is an adventure, beautiful, but also strewn with pitfalls. Why do we want a child? How is the bond created with him before and after birth? If you have made mistakes with your children, can you make up for them?
Being a mother Being a mother Using stories drawn from her experience as a therapist, as a mother, as well as through biblical characters, the author evokes the joys and difficulties of this beautiful journey. Buy
Successful Women Think Differently Successful Women Think Differently Through science-based, scripture-based habits, you will discover how to: cultivate relationships that will enrich your life, mission and goals, focus on solutions, not problems, communicate effectively in your personal and professional relationships, get rid of thought patterns that hinder success, overcome your failures and transform them into strategic advantages. Buy
When a woman trusts in God When a woman trusts in God This book is about trust: how we fight it, how we learn to apply it, how it transforms us. Life is not safe. This reality is imposed on us when we grow up. Our response to the Father in relation to this reality will either allow us to go higher and higher with the confidence of a child, or will make us flee far from any swing while being terrified. Buy
Mom's night out DVD Mom's night out DVD All Allyson and her friends want is to have a night out with the girls and chat around a table... a well-deserved break for moms. So that they can enjoy their high heels, adult discussion and the meal served at the restaurant, their husbands will have to look after the children for three hours. Film available in English - French - Spanish Buy
When a woman abandons her fears When a woman lets go of her fears God gave us the ability to be afraid to protect ourselves, but when it goes beyond protection and disrupts our joy of living, we need help. Cheryl Brodersen, a gifted speaker, author and teacher, knows what it's like to be paralyzed by anxiety having experienced it firsthand... Buy
Bible - Woman listening to him Bible - Woman Listening Bible Sower version with biblical meditations intended to advise women in the subjects that are most important to them. Buy
Compact Sower Bible with Zip - Vivella Pink/Red Compact Sower Bible with Zip - Vivella Pink/Red s A sense of the original made even more precise and more intelligible, in quality and accessible French. Notes presenting other possible understandings of the biblical text, also formulated in a clear and careful manner. Buy
Become a woman of value Becoming a Woman of Valor Lively Bible study where the author shows women how to take God as their model in everyday life. Buy
Philippians 1:3 Photo Frame Philippians 1:3 Photo Frame Blessings on Canvas Series Buy
Relax God is here! Relax God is here! Tumbler (16oz) for hot and cold drinks Buy