We should write our own psalm

A couple of years ago, our study group decided to look at the Psalms, the favorite biblical book of many, but certainly not mine. Even though they show the reality of the human experience including a great number of complaints, I much prefer the gospels and Old Testament stories. And then I had this brilliant idea (actually, I think it was the Lord’s) that we should write our own psalm. It took a lot of time and effort but I was blown away by the results when came the time to finally present them to the group. They were really good!! As each person read and commented, you could see how their personal lives at that moment were reflected in their words. As they were for the most part written in French, you will have the ‘privilege’ of reading mine, which is in English. If you enjoy the fruits of my labor (and even if you don’t), I hope that you might consider writing your own. It is a great exercise to analyze your present relationship with the Lord and tell Him what you are thinking and then put it on a piece of paper (or screen), using some of the artistic skills that He has given you. If you do, would you mind sharing it with me? You can send it to my CLC email address rod@clccanada.com. Thanks.

Psalm 151

Rod’s Psalm

-Reflections during a bike ride along the St. Laurence River -to be read to the tune of ‘I haven’t found what I am looking for’ by U2
  1. Entering Parc René Levesque, I admire your handiwork in the multitude of different trees and their colored foliage AND THEN I see garbage strewn on the ground, the beer bottles being evidence of much merriment, but also a disregard for others and the beauty of the park itself.
  2. The tranquility of the early morning is broken by a flock of Canada geese, flying overhead in a V formation, trumpeting their arrival and my thoughts turn to the amazing instinct inbred in the animal kingdom AND THEN I see the body of a small squirrel, perhaps on her way home with supper, squashed by a passing motorist.
  3. I think lofty thoughts of my love for You and darling Kathy, followed by words of adoration and promises of serving you both until I die AND THEN I pass an attractive young lady bent over her handle bars partially exposing herself and I quickly realize that my thoughts are not always as pure or as noble as I would like.
  4. Down by the water I see a seagull screaming ‘stay away’ as he protects a piece of bread someone has given him. ‘It’s mine and I’m not sharing’ he seems to be saying AND THEN I think of the industrialized nation of which I am most blessed to be a part and how we react in much the same way with many of our less fortunate global neighbours, even though both the bird and I are recipients of pure grace.
  5. Sometimes Lord, I think that You have given us too much liberty. We are the highest and best of your creation, made in your image and given the creative capacity to do great things. And that we have done. But all too often we have taken these good things and used them for bad ends. It is clear that we have mostly made a mess of your planet and ourselves.
  6. Sometimes Lord, I wonder where you are in all this. My theology is clear – that You are here and You are not silent. But when I look around, there are times when I wish You were not so discreet. I am like the disciples who wanted You to rain down fire and destroy the ‘nasty’ Samaritans. But then I am reminded of the extent of your love for unworthy me. I have been given the opportunity to live the abundant life through the sacrifice of your dear son, the innocent perfect Lamb of God, not because I was a good person, but because it is in your nature to love. Selah.
  7. We, your church continue to be your hands and your feet, announcing the reign of God through Jesus Christ. In all its messiness and fragility, she is your chosen tool to be the light of the world and the gates of hell will not prevail over us. Even though I don’t fully know what You are doing in many of the details of my life and other’s and will never be able to comprehend the many mysteries, I trust You. You are the potter: we are the clay. You are the perfect groom; we are your blushing bride.
  8. And someday your justice will rain down and all things will be put aright. The lamb will sit peacefully with the lion. The Baptist will discuss your love with the Pentecostal without it degrading into a doctrinal debate. The wife who lost her dear husband in an accident will be reunited. The converted murderer will tend the new Garden of Eden alongside the family that he violated. Yes, Abba Father, I look forward to that day!! Maranatha! God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Maranatha!!