De l'eau et de la prière pour la vente de trottoir sur la rue Wellington (en Anglais)

This past weekend at the Wellington Street sale (CLC Verdun), a group of young women (and a guy or two) provided two essential services to the many passers- by: a free bottle of cold water and if desired, an opportunity to pray for and with them. water-and-prayer-wellington-sidewalk-sale-CLC-Canada-Bookstore-Verdun_01 They have provided these unique ‘products’ for several street sales now and the CLC is very thankful for their creative use of our sidewalk space. During the year, the ladies meet on a regular basis to talk and pray and also to put aside a few dollars to be able to purchase the many cases of water needed to ease the thirst of many Verdun residents. Maybe take a moment right now and thank the Lord for their faithfulness and pray for lasting results from the many conversations that took place.
  • 576 bottles of water given away;
  • Over 270 people prayer for;
  • Several people touched and one person came to know the Lord