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The joy of renewed faith

Rediscover God is a very rich interactive study, embellished with strong testimonies, which calls us to seek God and to let ourselves be probed by him in depth to know the joy of a renewed faith and to be, in a world which has it. so much needed, authentic witnesses of his grace.

A book that takes us out of our “comfort zone” and leads us to healthy questioning.

Suitable for both personal study and group study!

“Rediscovering God” will help you examine yourself in the light of Scripture. You will be brought before the throne of God and understand that only He can meet your deepest needs. I highly recommend!
Randy Alcorn, author of The choice of purity And 60 days to see the invisible

Collaborator of the Christian organization Life Action Ministries in the United States, now engaged in ministry Revive Our Hearts , aimed particularly at women, Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth has authored numerous works, including These lies that we are made to believe , The path to freedom , Choose forgiveness , Choose recognition And Holiness, an outdated reality?

Tim Grissom is a freelance writer and editor-in-chief of the magazine FamilyLife . He is also actively engaged in the teaching ministry within his church.

ISBN: 9782826035794